Sustainable Home Heating & AC Systems

At Triangle Heating & Cooling, our experts understand that comfort is a highly personal concept. When it comes to total customer satisfaction, no “one-size-fits-all” approach will do. We work closely with each customer to understand your needs and prepare a custom-designed heating, AC, or HVAC system that addresses all the unique requirements of your new home in north-central West Virginia.

Professional Heating And Air Conditioning System Design Contractor

Cost-Effective, Energy-Efficient Solutions for Home Comfort

From your climate comfort and construction preferences to the most cost-effective, energy-efficient solutions, we put our extensive training, experience, and resources to work for you.

  • Enjoy Optimal Year-Round Comfort Level No Matter the Outside Temperature
  • Identification and Elimination of Unwarranted Energy Consumption
  • Maximum Functionality. Minimum Cost.
  • HVAC Systems Built and Designed to Last
  • Detailed Heat Load, System Sizing, and Duct System Design Calculations
  • Precision Distribution and Efficiency

At Triangle Heating & Cooling, we welcome a multidisciplinary approach. With your participation and input, as well as that of your architect, construction team, and relevant government agencies, we can design your HVAC system to achieve the best possible results over the lifetime of your home.

EarthWise™ Air Conditioning System Design

Good for the Planet. Good for Your Wallet.

For those who want an air conditioning system with the maximum efficiency and performance level available, Triangle Heating & Cooling offers sustainable EarthWise™ System Design. In contrast to traditional air conditioning (AC) system design, EarthWise™ Systems are designed and built from the ground up with the highest possible efficiency, lowest emissions, and minimal initial and lifetime service cost in mind. These innovative systems represent the future of earth-friendly, sustainable AC design that is good for the planet – and good for your wallet.

How It Works

EarthWise™ System Design utilizes smaller pipes, ducts, and pumps with a lower flow rate and temperature to achieve the same level of comfort and performance you expect, while using significantly less water and energy. These systems are quieter, more compact, and optimized for sustainable, long-term performance.

What Is Sustainable Design?

In contrast to conventional HVAC design, sustainable design takes into account the total design of the building as a whole. This includes structure and position, insulation, energy sources, plumbing, and of course, the heating and air conditioning (AC) system.

Why Sustainable Design?

By obtaining a clear understanding of the overall design of your new home, your entire building team can work together to develop and implement each component to its maximum potential to contribute to precision performance in all aspects of your new home. From comfort and convenience to energy efficiency and a lifetime of lower energy expenses, it makes good sense to work with an HVAC company that is willing to make the effort to develop a sustainable design for your heating and AC system – the largest and most important aspect of your home.

Innovative Energy-Efficient
Heating & AC Options In WV

Triangle Heating & Cooling is north-central West Virginia’s leader in sustainable heating and AC solutions. We offer a wide range of advanced options designed to help our customers enjoy the advantages of classic and state-of-the-art innovations in HVAC technology. From helping plan for optimal layout, insulation, passive heating/AC, precision system sizing, and efficient multi-zoning in your building design, installation of geothermal, mini-split, hydronic and ultra-high efficiency ENERGY STAR® certified systems, smart home WIFI thermostats and more, the Triangle Team is ready to partner with you. Let us help design your sustainable high-performance home in Randolph, Tucker, Lewis, Pocahontas, Upshur, and Barbour County, WV.

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Sustainable Design Consultation – Heating & AC System Installation

Triangle Heating & Cooling is north-central West Virginia’s leading sustainable home heating, AC, and HVAC design and service provider. We welcome proposals for design consultation and system installation from new home contractors, as well as individuals, interested in implementing the very best in ultra-high efficiency climate comfort into new homes planned for construction in Randolph, Tucker, Lewis, Pocahontas, Upshur, and Barbour County, WV. Call the Triangle Team for reliable year-round comfort today – and tomorrow: 304-637-3030.