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When it comes to energy efficiency and steady comfort, and cost savings, it’s tough to beat in-floor radiant heating. These systems don’t waste energy heating the air – they provide direct heat to your body and your home furnishings. Triangle Heating & Cooling offers professional in-floor installation of radiant floor heating systems throughout Randolph, Tucker, Lewis, Pocahontas, Upshur, and Barbour County, WV. While these systems can be installed beneath most flooring materials, we do recommend tile for maximum performance. As your dedicated HVAC service provider, Triangle Heating & Cooling offers quality radiant floor heating system installation and customer service you can rely on. Contact the Triangle Team for affordable, professional HVAC service that fits your comfort needs– and your budget: 304-637-3030.


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Radiant Floor Heat – Warmth With Every Step

If stepping on a cold floor in the dead of winter sends shivers up your spine, radiant floor heating may be the choice for you. An in-floor radiant heat system offers constant comfort from the ground up with direct-contact warmth that radiates as it rises. This system delivers comfort where you need it most.

In-Floor Radiant Floor Heating System Benefits

Because warmed air naturally rises, this system offers intuitive design, which also maximizes available floor space because there are no bulky radiators, registers, or vents involved in the installation, nor need for ceiling fans to return warm air where it is needed most – at floor level.

Your home itself is warmed by a radiant floor heat system. Your floors, walls, ceilings, and furniture absorb the heat and slowly release it, so the ideal installation will include a flooring material most capable of withstanding, holding, and gradually releasing heat, such as tile, natural stone, or concrete. These systems can be installed with a boiler or electrically-powered unit, allowing for versatility across a range of applications, with complete zoning flexibility. Due to its unique comfort features, many homeowners prefer the benefits of a radiant floor heating system.

Minimal Maintenance – Aside from an annual inspection and keeping a casual eye on the boiler system, this system is virtually maintenance-free.

Installation Flexibility – The system can be installed as the sole source of heat or as an auxiliary heating system for rooms, which require exceptional comfort, such as bedrooms and bathrooms.

Superior Efficiency – Radiant floor heat delivers warmth exactly where it is needed, eliminating air stratification issues in rooms with high ceilings and two-story homes. There is no heat loss to ductwork and no blower is required to deliver the heat. Because warmth is delivered by contact, comfort can be maintained at a lower thermostat setting than that of systems that heat the air.

Air Quality – Airborne particles and pathogens are not blown about or spread by a radiant heat system, nor is the air subject to unnatural, high-intensity dehumidification, making it a top choice for those with allergies, asthma, and skin and respiratory sensitivities

Absolutely Silent – If noise is a concern, your radiant floor heating system can be installed to provide service with no sound whatsoever.

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Contact the comfort experts at Triangle Heating & Cooling for professional in-floor radiant heating system installation in Randolph, Tucker, Lewis, Pocahontas, Upshur, and Barbour County, WV. When you choose the Triangle Team, you enjoy the confidence of installation provided by our WV licensed, certified, and insured HVAC technicians along with our exceptional workmanship warranty and dedicated customer service after the sale. To learn more, request a quote, or schedule your radiant floor heating system installation, call Triangle Heating & Cooling at: 304-637-3030.