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Superior Comfort, Convenience and Energy Efficiency

Triangle Heating & Cooling can help you maximize the comfort and energy efficiency of your home with the convenience of a smart programmable thermostat. We offer professional hardwired installation of a selection of thermostats that can be controlled anywhere in the world from your internet-connected device. Enjoy precision programming designed to allow for the perfect blend of comfort and convenience. To learn more in Randolph, Tucker, Lewis, Pocahontas, Upshur, and Barbour County, WV, give us a call today: 304-637-3030.


Save Money With Automated Heating & Cooling

Monitor the temperature and humidity of your home’s interior and program your heating and air conditioning (AC) equipment to operate only when necessary with automated heating and air conditioning (AC) programmed to run according to your family’s work, school, and play schedules. With an easy-to-use touchscreen interface and voice-operated functionality options, you can manually override pre-programmed settings if your schedule changes or you would like to adjust the settings from your couch, the airport, or anywhere else. For total climate comfort, a smart programmable thermostat is a great decision.

Eliminate Hot & Cold Spots for Maximum Comfort

Unlike traditional thermostats, which only monitor the temperature near the thermostat itself, a smart thermostat system installed with a compatible heating and air conditioning (AC) unit enables sensor installation in strategic locations throughout your home. Settings can be adjusted to deliver precision-conditioned air exactly where it is needed. This helps eliminate hot and cold spots to provide custom comfort for all occupants in your home.

Thermostats With Advanced
Features and Sleek, Modern Design

We offer a range of thermostats offering sleek, high-end designs that bring a touch of modern class to your home, as well as an exciting selection of advanced features. Whether you prefer a thermostat, which can easily integrate with your Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, Siri, or the Apple HomeKit, we have you covered. Do you want to control your heating, air conditioning (AC), humidification, fans, and lighting from one interface? That is no problem. Models are available that illuminate upon your approach, offer a large-format display, color-coded operation indicators, and many can even learn your schedule and preferences for the ultimate in climate control convenience.

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Smart Programmable Thermostat Installation, Maintenance and Repair

Keep your home at maximum comfort when you’re home – and save money when you’re not – with a smart programmable thermostat installed by Triangle Heating & Cooling. You can rely on our professionally licensed and certified installation, maintenance, and repair services with guaranteed workmanship and exceptional service after the sale. We serve all of Randolph, Tucker, Lewis, Pocahontas, Upshur, and Barbour County, WV. To learn more or schedule a service, please call: 304-637-3030.