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Triangle Heating & Cooling offers professional installation of WaterFurnace® Geothermal Heat Pump systems throughout Randolph, Tucker, Lewis, Pocahontas, Upshur, and Barbour County, WV. We are your dedicated WaterFurnace® factory-authorized dealer offering installation and service you can depend on for years of worry-free comfort. Contact the Triangle Team for assistance choosing the best heating and cooling system to meet your comfort needs – and your budget: 304-637-3030.


WaterFurnace® Geothermal Heat Pumps

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Geothermal Heat Pumps – One System
for Heating, Cooling and Hot Water

A geothermal heat pump is an investment in the long-term comfort of your home. These systems utilize the constant temperature of the earth itself to provide an integrated, sustainable home comfort system that is second-to-none. A WaterFurnace® dual capacity heat pump can provide low and high-speed forced-air heat, air conditioning, and auxiliary hot water with performance levels many times more efficient than traditional fuel sources. These systems offer steady, precision comfort control for up to four zones in one attractive, quiet unit designed to perform for decades.

Your Home Sits Atop a Free Source of Renewable Energy

WaterFurnace® Geothermal Heat Pump System Benefits

The WaterFurnace® 5 Series Geothermal Heat Pump is more than twice as efficient than any other heat pump in its class. The underground system is designed to last a lifetime, making it one of the most earth-friendly, sustainable heating and cooling systems available. The systems manufactured by WaterFurnace® also provide several comfort and convenience features many homeowners prefer.

Integrated Air Filtration – With MERV 11 high-efficiency filtration included as standard equipment, troublesome pollen, dust, and allergens are removed to provide cleaner, healthier air throughout the day and night, making this system almost like getting a bonus air purifier, as well.

Smart Home Support – WaterFurnace® systems are smart home-ready with Amazon Alexa integration for voice control, energy monitoring, and remote system operation available for the ultimate in convenience.

All-In-One System – The WaterFurnace® 5 Series keeps you warm in winter, cool in summer, and delivers hot water support throughout the year, making it the ideal replacement for your old, inefficient furnace and whole-home air conditioning unit.

Quiet Operation – With its virtually silent blower operation, this system is one of the quietest heating and air conditioning (AC) systems available.

Safe – Because they do not burn combustible fuels, geothermal heat pumps are, by far, the safest option for you and your family.

Federal Tax Credits – Installing a geothermal system can help you save on energy expenses – and your federal taxes.

ENERGY STAR® Certified – Nearly all WaterFurnace® products meet or exceed the highest industry standards for energy efficiency.

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Are you ready to save on your energy bills? Triangle Heating & Cooling is ready to assist you in Randolph, Tucker, Lewis, Pocahontas, Upshur, and Barbour County, WV. Contact our WV licensed, certified, and insured geothermal technicians today for professional installation backed by the best workmanship warranty in north-central West Virginia with superior service after the sale. To learn more, request a quote, or schedule your geothermal heat pump system installation, call Triangle Heating & Cooling at: 304-637-3030.